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Why suffer with inflammation, flushing,redness,burns,bumps and pimples?

Choose Bio-Care ,Get rid of your discomforts.

Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate 30ml/1oz

This breakthrough formula soothes and helps heal Rosacea and sensitive, irritated , reddened skin. Contains an Chinese herb anti-inflammatory to restore smoothness while calming and soothing the skin. Formulated with no fragrance, no surfactant, nor artificial colors to clog or irritate skin.

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How to use
Apply Serum directly to affected area after cleansing 10 minutes later, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. Can be use both morning and evening, ten to twenty drops each time.

Key Ingredients
Tree Peony Bark Extract, Turmeric Extract, Deep Sea Water Concentrate,£\-Bisabolol, Ajidew NL-50, Prodew 400,Oligosacchride, Allantoin,Hyaluronic Acid, VitaminB5, VitaminB6

Purified Water , Glycerin, Deep Sea Water Concentrate, Tree Peony Bark Extract, Turmeric Extract,£\-Bisabolol,Ajidew NL-50, Prodew 400, Oligosacchride, Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, VitaminB5, VitaminB6, Dimethylol Dimethyl

Why does Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate work (Click)
Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that mainly affects adults over 30 years of age, being more frequent in women.

Tree Peony Bark (mudanpi)
Chinese traditional medicine

Pharmacological Activities
1. Anti-inflammation
2. Anti-allergy
3. Anti-bacteria and anti-fungi

Turmeric Extract
(Curcuma longa)

Pharmacological Activities
1. Anti-inflammatory activity -
2. Antioxidant activity -
3. Anti-bacterial activity -
4. Anti-HIV activity -
5. Anti-fungal activity

Seborrheic dermatitis
Mr. Anderson Liao Rich Square consultant company Project Director 2011/11/1

Applied Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate

Before After

Rosacea Severe Flare-Up Soothing&Calming
Miss Hsu Ying Ge Distric New Taipei City, Taiwan 2011/9/20

Applied Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate
Before After

Rosacea Severe Flare-Up Soothing&Calming
Febe Wei
The student of Graduate Institute of Dance Theory
Taipei National University of the Arts Taiwan (R.O.C) 2011/6/6

Applied Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate
Before After
Before After
Before After

Rosacea Severe Flare-Up Soothing&Calming
Miss Lin ¡@Tainan Taiwan (R.O.C) 2010/3/21
Applied Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate
Before After
Before After


Dr. Lee, Mei-Whei
The Chief of Cosda Dermatology Clinic

I have already used Bio-Care products in my clinic for several years, and they have proven to be very helpful to my patients. I like the fact that Bio-Care uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and always provides scientific evidences. I appreciate Rosacea Formula Concentrate in particular. Nearly all my rosacea patients said,¡§The proven result is delightful.¡¨I am gladly to recommend Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate to all rosacea sufferers.

Dr. Angela
The Chief of Dr. Angela Skin & Beauty Clinic

I would like to recommend Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate as an alternative treatment for rosacea & ACNE, it really works. I use it in my clinic.

Dr. Hsu, Yu-Lin
Beaute Cosmetic & Skin Center

There is no cure for rosacea, but alternative treatments can be helpful in reducing the skin irritation and number of outbreaks associated with diseases. Besides conventional treatments, I recommend my rosacea patients to use Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with rosacea and was immediately prescribed two topical antibiotics. Two months ago Dr. Lee prescribed Bio-Care Rosacea products for me. I cannot express how happy and satisfied I am with the results.^I notice improvements ever since I began using Bio-Care Rosacea products. Now, I have stopped using topical antibiotics. My skin has dramatically improved. It is no longer with angry red, continually dotted with swollen red bumps, and unhealed blemishes.
My deepest gratitude to Bio-Care is for its commitment on research and development of such superior products. I hope that sufferers all enjoy the healing and benefits that I have by using Bio-Care Rosacea products.
Yang, Pei-San
Taipei, Taiwan

Just write a short note to say how fabulous the Bio-Care product is. The difference on my skin is amazing. The redness is gone. Every morning, my face color is getting more normal. I also love the product when it soothes my face. I can't wait to see more new products available on market. Thank you again.
Ms Sun, Wei-Wei
Taipei, Taiwan

My skin has a lot improved since using Rosacea Formula Concentrate. The redness has decreased and the bumps/pustules on my chin are practically all gone! This concentrate also reduced the flakiness! Thank you for this great product.
Su, Shuya
Gaoxiong, Taiwan

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the Bio-Care products. I was diagnosed with rosacea about four years ago and had little success in treating the symptoms until now.
In the past I have taken different forms of antibiotics. All had the desired effects of reducing the symptoms, but only for a limited period of time. Since starting to use the Bio-Care products, I have noticed a definite improvement in the appearance of my skin. My skin is noticeably less red and the ¡§outbreaks¡¨ of pustules are greatly reduced (and when they do appear, they are less numerous and last for a shorter period of time). I¡¦m really delighted with these products and would gladly recommend them to others.
Chen, Jia Zon
Yunlin, Taiwan

I used the Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate for my rosacea and it worked absolutely wonderful! I've had rosacea for quite a few years. I always had problems with the redness on my face, a doctor finally declared it to be rosacea years ago. From that moment, I have been searching anything that could actually cure my bad breakouts.
This product worked wonderfully. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.
Wang, Yi-Zhen
Taipei, Taiwan

Bio-Care Rosacea product is awesome! I got myself a bottle a few weeks ago and it did exactly what it was supposed to. It got rid of my stupid rosacea outbreak! I don't usually write to companies, but still, I had to let you know how good this product worked for me. It just worked, plain and simple!
Thanks for this great product!
Xu, Li-Yan
Gaoxiong, Taiwan

Bio-Care products made for Rosacea have successfully treated and calmed my unmanageable, extremely sensitive, dry, yet sometimes oily face like no other products could have done. I now constantly get people¡¦s compliments on my skin. Bio-Care products are absolutely the best!
Zhou, De-Yi
New Taipei, Taiwan


Bio-care products have already been appointed to use by dept.s of dermatology of several medical centers in Taiwan.. Including Mackay Memorial Hospital, Cathay General Hospital,Tri-Service General Hospital etc.. Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate is looked on as main compositions with the Chinese traditional medicine, it is very obvious to resist the inflammation, resist the allergic result, most dermatologists recommend using this product to rosacea patient actively. If you use this product to also get symptom obvious relief, ask to be without sparing to introduce to the friend of yours who also suffer from rosacea.

The 36th Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Dermatological Association

Bio-Care booth ¡@November 20-21, 2010



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