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Bio-Care Regeneration Eye Serum (5ml)

This anti-oxidant treatment contains L-ascorbic acid 5%to help protect against damaging UVA/UVB rays, prevent premature signs of aging, and stimulate collagen production around the delicate eye area. Eye serum will help decrease the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, and restore a smoother, more radiant appearance.


Apply a thin layer, 1 drop, underneath the eyes and on the outside area of the eyes. Avoid upper eyelid. Slight tingling is not unusual.

Active Ingredients¡G

Matrikine polypeptide,Iron chelating agent,Bilirubin enzyme enhancer,Vitamin A , Vitamin D3,dl-£\-tocopherol , L-ascorbic acid5% ,Pyridoxine hydrochloride , MB factor(Herb extracts),Polyphenol high conc, Argireline ,Antarcticine, Glycyrrhiza extracts,Licorice extracts.

Bio-Care Renewal Eye Serum (5ml)

Powerful ingredients work synergistically in this firming eye treatment to help correct early signs of aging. Eye Serum is formulated with a special complex to combat symptoms such as puffiness, sagging skin, and dark circles - all specific to the delicate eye area.


Gently pat with fingertips under and over eye area. May be used day and night.

Active Ingredients¡G

Argireline, Antarcticine, Dipeptide(Val-Try), Hesperidine methyl chalcone, Lipopeptide, 1,6-£]-glucan, Oligosaccharide, Gluconolactone.

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