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Bio-Care A Leader in Post-Procedure Skin Care

Headquartered inʂaipei Taiwan(R.O.C), Chein Hung Medicine Biotech Co.,Ltd, is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops, markets and sells, and is the leading provider of proprietary topical aesthetic and therapeutic prescription-strength skin care systems in the physician-dispense market. The systems are designed to prevent and improve the most common and visible skin disorders in adult skin. The foundation of the company began in 2000 with the creation of the Liquid Crystal System, developed by leading skincare experts. In 2004 the company officially began operations as Chein Hung Medicine Biotech Co.,Ltd .

The company has continued to grow each year, introducing multiple product lines, and expanding its sales force and corporate office. The company sells its products through a direct sales force in Taiwan.

Over the years, the company has developed prescription-strength skin health products and systems primarily for the dermatology, plastic surgery, and related aesthetic markets. Using its TransZyderm technologies, the company°¶s products are designed to improve penetration of cosmetic agents across the skin barrier for common and visible skin conditions in adult skin including photodamage, hyperpigmentation (chloasma, melasma and freckles), senile lentigines, acne vulgaris, sun damage and rosacea.

The company continues to maintain its position a leader in skin health by having launched several successful new systems of products, including the Post-Procedure System, developed to repair of physician delivered surgical and non-surgical procedures; the Anti-Aging family of products, a one of a kind treatment developed to restore skin elasticity and collagen production, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and Decolletage; and most recently the Rosacea System developed specifically for the treatment and prevention of the signs and symptoms of rosacea.

Because the Bio-Care Systems and Products contain prescription-strength formulations, the systems are only available through physicians, primarily dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas and other skin care and medical specialists.

BIO-CARE Academic Activities

In Medical Centers

National Taiwan University Hospital

Veterans General Hospital

TRI-Service General Hospital

Cathay General Hospital

Taipei Medical University Hospital

Mackay Memorial Hospital

The 36th Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Dermatological Association

Bio-Care booth °@November 20-21, 2010



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